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About Us

Justin Rheinhardt

Years of experience: 18
Position: Managing Partner

Justin Rheinhardt is the founder and managing partner of EMD Strategies. Mr. Rheinhardt's experience building and developing winning business development teams has resulted in more than $1 Billion in contract wins. The team of internal and external consultants that Mr. Rheinhardt has assembled have experience supporting all aspects of winning private and public sector business. 

​Company Overview

EMD Strategies is a management consulting firm with expertise in assisting private and public sector organizations to expand their share of the Federal Market. EMD Strategies utilizes their relationships built with small, mid, and large companies, as well as Federal Clients, to help their clients identify and win Federal Contracts.

EMD Strategies has developed proven Business Development and Capture Management Strategies to assist clients in penetrating and diversifying within the Federal Market.

EMD Strategies is headquartered in the Washington, DC metro area. EMD Strategies has experience supporting their clients nationally, and has assisted in the capture of Federal Contracts across the country.

If your organization is considering developing a presence within the Federal Market, or diversifying your current Federal contracting portfolio, give us a call. We look forward to discussing our proven, and cost effective solutions.


Understanding. Respect. Integrity. EMD Strategies is committed to conducting every engagement under these three principles. We know that your success – and therefore our success – depends on it. No one can help you safely navigate a situation without a complete understanding of your organization, your people, and your customers. The steps to meaningful growth and the pursuit of new directions must be guided by relationships based on mutual respect. Finally, integrity is the fundamental building block in the creation of a lasting, trusting, and successful partnership.

Our commitment to Our Clients

  • We will do everything we can to understand your organization and your unique situation.

  • We will always respect your organization, your employees, and your customers.

  • Everything we do will be done with the utmost integrity.