capture management

EMD Strategies' Capture Management Services have one goal; increase the win percentage for our clients. Resources are limited for all companies, so efficiency is key. Following a well-developed Capture Plan that utilizes internal and external consultants, who are Shipley certified, will increase your win percentage. This means that opportunities from the pipeline we have developed for you, or an opportunity you bring to us, will be thoroughly analyzed and vetted to determine that our PWIN is substantial. If you are working with EMD Strategies from Opportunity Qualification to Proposal Submittal you will have a historical PWIN assessment that will show you where we were with a specific opportunity and how we have progressed.

Key questions that lead to a successful capture:

  • Who are the Key federal contacts with the federal client? What solution are they truly looking for?

  • What capabilities are required to win?

  • What do we have to convey in our meetings, in our white papers, and in our proposal?

  • How can we increase our PWIN?

  • Are we correctly identifying the win themes, and are we effectively presenting and writing to them?

  • What resources do we need on the proposal team to win?

  • Do we have a winning team?

  • Do we have Key Personnel that reflect an A team?

  • How do we stack up compared to our competition from the customers perspective? 

  • Who will be evaluating the proposal (Evaluation Team)? 

  • How will proposals be evaluated and scored?

  • What will the requirement be for past performances, and do we have this sufficiently covered with our current team?