Proposal Support

Business Development is complete, the Capture Management process has put us ahead of schedule and we feel confident we can win after months of persistently working with our team on Solution Development. Now the most important, intricate and exhausting step is here...writing a winning proposal! This is the stage where even high PWIN opportunities can be, and are, lost. The development of a fully compliant, concise, well written proposal, that accurately describes how your team can solve the customers problem(s), and at the right price, is mandatory. 

Working with EMD Strategies will guarantee that your team submits a compliant proposal that answers all of the customers formal requirements, and accurately communicates your win themes that set you above your competitors. EMD Strategies provides every conceivable aspect of proposal support to augment or lead your winning proposal efforts...

  • Proposal Management 
  • Proposal Writers
  • Technical Writers
  • Editors
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Color Team Reviews
  • Purple Team - PWIN assessment
  • Black Hat - Competitor assessment
  • Pink Team - Solution and Strategy Assessment
  • Red Team - Final Proposal Draft Assessment (how will the customer score our proposal)
  • Gold Team - Final Proposal (including pricing) Assessment 
  • Price To Win  
  • Orals Coaching
  • BAFO
  • Protest Support
  • Post Submittal Review - Lessons Learned (Also includes a formal After Action Report (AAR))