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EMD Strategies solves our clients’ toughest federal market challenges. Our experts use data, relationships, and best practices to win new federal business. We work across the business development lifecycle, driving innovation to improve industry best practices. Since 2007, we continue to deliver transformational outcomes for a demanding government marketplace.

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Justin Rheinhardt

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s talk! We want to understand your situation, problems, and needs. As we talk, we will get to understand your challenges and recommend how we can help. A variety of factors help us understand if your company is a good fit for us. We designed our offerings to be flexible in meeting the different challenges of each client. Generally, companies that are open to new strategies and growth are the best fit!

EMD Strategies follows a business development lifecycle based on industry best practices. This process is widely used throughout our industry and has been codified by organizations like the Association for Proposal Management Professionals (APMP), the Business Development Institute, and Shipley Associates. We are committed to the use of these best practices. Every employee is required to obtain APMP’s Foundation-level Certification within one-year of employment. Certification demonstrates the employee’s knowledge and understanding of best practices for proposal and bid management across the business development lifecycle. Our team also attends Shipley training and multiple skills-development conferences each year. EMD Strategies is a Gold-level sponsor of the APMP and is a Consultant Collaborator for the Business Development Institute.

No, we work with companies of all sizes, even the large integrators. Every company has a challenge in the federal market. We work to find solutions to those challenges. EMD Strategies was founded in 2010 with a focus on small business. As we grew, so did our networks, and we have organically scaled to support mid-sized and large businesses as well. We have become adept at right-sizing the cumbersome business development lifecycle into small business environments or into specific business units within a larger organization.

EMD Strategies has always focused on growing and supporting our clients exclusively in the federal contracting market.

Our projects support clients in a range of capability areas and agency customers. Agencies of focus vary with every engagement depending on your target market. We have supported clients in pursuit of opportunities with defense, intelligence, and civilian agencies.

We represent clients nationwide in a variety of industries. Our clients’ size and offerings also vary greatly. We have represented one-person companies, commercial companies looking to “get their feet wet” in the federal market, and small businesses needing more capture capacity. We have worked with new 8(a)s, graduating 8(a)s, and mid-sized businesses facing the challenge of competing in a full-and-open market. We have developed win probabilities, competitive landscapes, and market expansion strategies for the largest systems integrators and Native-owned companies. Each engagement is different. We tailor our offering to the specific goals and objectives of each company or business unit.

Be wary of consultants or firms that offer their services for only a contingent fee. Hiring a firm on a contingent basis can expose your company to significant risk. These firms may engage in fraud or corrupt practices, without your knowledge, to ensure they get paid. Punishment can include annulment of the contract, debarment or suspension, or further prosecution for criminal behavior. The government has long viewed contingent fee arrangements as contrary to public policy for fear that they might lead to attempted or actual exercise of improper influence. Our pricing is affordable and gains you access to best practices and outside perspective.

Enterprise Management Development. No one calls us “Enterprise Management Development Strategies”, so do not feel the need to.

We have an agreement not to disclose the names of our clients without their permission. However, some of our clients have been named in distinguishing places, such as the Forbes 500 and Washington Technology Top 100.

EMD Strategies ensures our clients’ proprietary information and internal proceedings are always fully protected. The only people with access to your information are team members assigned to your account. We firewall everyone else from viewing your proprietary information. Firewall protection is present in our IT systems, team structure, and policies. Employees not assigned to your account cannot access information you provide us or the work product we develop with you. We also have a strict ‘No Share’ policy. Your team will never discuss opportunities, strategies, or any other proprietary information without your consent.