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At EMD Strategies our mission is to help businesses capture federal contracts and win exciting new work that improves lives around the world. Join our team and be a part of something great.

Culture & Benefits

Unlimited Time Off

We value recharging and reconnecting. That vacation you’ve been meaning to take? Go book it! In addition to unlimited PTO, we also take off ten federal holidays throughout the year.

Free Snacks and Drinks

We keep our kitchen stocked with healthy (and sometimes not-so-healthy) snacks and drinks. We also provide lunch every friday to kick start your weekend.

Team Bonding

We want to foster a sense of community in the EMD family. We laugh, eat and work hard together whether its eating lunch in the kitchen or catching a company sponsored happy hour after work.

Health Care Options

EMD provides varying health care options so you can pick the one that best fits you and your families needs.

Employee Discount Program

As an EMD employee you are able to receive discounts on nationally recognized brand-name products and services and local retailers. EMD provides employees with real savings to help them manage everyday needs.

Parental Leave

Welcoming a new member to your family is a special time. We offer paid parental leave options for all new parents to connect and recharge.

Competitive Salary & 401(k) Match

With our competitive salary and 401(k) matching options, you can live comfortably now while saving for the future.

Professional Development Assistance

At EMD, we are striving to be 1% better every day. Whether it’s attending a conference or obtaining a new certificate, we encourage employees to invest in themselves through ongoing education.

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Join our network of consultants

EMD has a network of more than 150 proposal support consultants. We manage the rates, terms of the engagement, and provide oversight so that you can focus on bringing the best solution to the client.

Why We Love EMD

I always knew that when I entered the professional workforce, I never wanted to be a small player on a large team. I wanted a role that would allow me to make a difference in excelling my personal growth as well as the company I worked for. EMD has allowed me the opportunity to learn, grow, and produce proven results in a way I never expected to be possible this early into my professional career.

Brian Bott
Account Executive

What I enjoy most about EMD is that every day I get to work with passionate people from all over the world and all walks of life. As a diverse group, we’re able to reflect on the world around us and provide unique perspectives to better serve our clients.

Nicole Pereira Plaza
Director of Operations

Being a small company gives us an opportunity to know each other on a professional and personal level. I think it’s awesome that we can celebrate big events in either the company’s or each other’s lives all together.

Lauren Carr

I really enjoy working for a company where I can learn new skills and gain knowledge on the job but also have the flexibility to focus on grad school outside of 9-5. The happy hours, March Madness days at the MGM, Friday lunches and working with some of the most talented people in the space doesn’t hurt either!

Mitch Gilman
Vice President of Sales

EMD provided the great opportunity for me to get my APMP certificate shortly after I started. I took the exam with a couple colleagues and we used to hold weekly study meetings where we discussed different chapters in the APMP manual. Because of this collaborative environment, when the test came everyone passed with flying colors. Passing the test felt awesome, but those meetings were just as valuable and helped me receive tangible insights from people that applied the APMP lessons in their career in industry.

Prajit Ramaprasad

Starting EMD Strategies from the ground up was largely trial by fire. We did a lot of things wrong but we also did a lot of things right, and from those lessons we have been able to build a fantastic team and a supportive culture that delivers. However, none of this would possible without the companies who believe in our team. We have been very fortunate to represent some amazing clients that trust us to represent them so our companies can grow together.

Justin Rheinhardt
Managing Partner

I always planned to work in the government field, but prior to interning at EMD I wasn’t sure how exactly I would do that. After spending a semester working with our team, I realized how great of a work environment the company has built. As an intern, I always felt like I was an integral part of the team. From trainings to company events to daily responsibilities, EMD has given me countless opportunities to learn and grow in ways none of my past internships have. As a result, I was able to take my experience and turn and turn it into a stellar full-time opportunity at EMD.

Killian McNeely