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Department of the Army

U.S Army Corps of Engineers

USACE - Civilian Programs

Gradkell Systems Inc.

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Total Small Business

Alexandria, VA

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541511 - Custom Computer Programming Services

Points of Contact

David Kaplan

Army-USACE: Maintenance and Modernization Services for the USACE Financial Management Systems (CEFMS II)


CEFMS II is the premier financial management system in the Department of Defense and the US Army Corps of Engineers enterprise system for executing all financial management business processes and transactions within USACE. CEFMS II has over 72 areas of functionality and consists of approximately 62 Field Operating Activity (FOA) production databases and supporting development/testing environments. Each database has approximately 5525 tables and 329 views each. CEFMS II has a Corporate Reporting database consisting of approximately 700 tables and 100 views. CEFMS II has one Data Manager Database. CEFMS II application code is managed using PVCS and a custom developed problem reporting system.  PVCS is the repository for all code changes, deployment, and configuration management for CEFMS II.  PVCS functionality is paramount to deployment of new code in the following zones: Development, Test, QA, Production, and Disaster Recovery.  This links the Problem Reporting system with configuration for tracking.

The purpose of this contract is to provide for CEFMS II system support, maintenance, and modernization (including development and migrating the system to the cloud) to meet the requirements of public laws, regulations, standards, stakeholders, and best business practices. The Contractor shall be responsible for maintaining/enhancing the CEFMS II system to ensure continuous system availability of the application. Services may include research, analysis, design, development, testing, and implementation of enhancements. Requirements may entail migrating selected CEFMS II functionality and Oracle forms to an HTML web application framework using current technology and products; providing enhanced reporting capabilities; and modifying CEFMS II architecture and application software to operate in USACE Cloud Environment.


4.1 CEFMS II Maintenance, Modernization (Development) and Support Services

4.2 Agile Development Process

4.3 Application Maintenance, Development and Support

4.4 Oracle Database and Application Design and Adminsitration

4.5 UNIX and System Administration

4.6 Electronic Signature Software – CAC/PKI

4.7 Interface Support

4.8 Configuration Management

4.9 Cybersecurity

4.10 Documentation

4.11 Oracle Analytics Server

4.12 New Application Modeules

4.13 Conversion Support

4.14 Mobile Applications

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