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Notice ID:

Department of Homeland Security

Science and Technology Directorate

Office of the Under Secretary for Science and Technology

Science Applications International Corp

Set Aside:

Washington, DC

Total Contract Value:

541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

Points of Contact

Contracting Officer
Donna Wright

Available Documents


DHS: Business Office Support Services (BOSS)


The Contractor shall provide technical support services to assist DHS/S&T in accomplishing its various missions, functions, and organizational objectives to enable facilitation of DHS/S&T’s Research and Development (R&D), Test and Evaluation (T&E), and scientific knowledge and technological transfers to the DHS Operational Components; state and local law enforcement agencies; and other customers.


The key divisions/ offices that will be supported:

  • ASD Front Office (FO) ensures DHS/S&T has the right people, property, security, and business processes to effectively execute its mission. DHS/S&T/ASD is the nexus between DHS Headquarters’ Management Directorate’s Lines of Business support and DHS/S&T/ASD’s S&T customers, undertaking a critical liaison role between these key stakeholders and customers. ASD’s Front Office (FO) is responsible for the management of ASD’s three support offices: Business Readiness and Support Office (BRSO) to include (Asset and Logistics Management (ALM), Environment, Safety, Health and Energy (ESH), and Planning, Management and Budget (PMB)).
  • DHS/S&T/ASD/Business Readiness and Support Office (BRSO) provides services, policy, and compliance support in the areas of real and personal property, facility operations, fleet logistics and transportation, occupational safety and health, industrial hygiene, explosives safety, radiation safety, environmental compliance, energy conservation and sustainability, climate change and environmental planning, historic preservation, and records management, as well as budget, finance, contract, and program management support to DHS/S&T/ASD, Office of the Associate General Counsel, and the Executive Secretariat.
  • DHS/S&T/ASD/Human Capital Office (HCO) provides services, policy, and compliance support in the areas of recruiting, learning & development, performance management, human resources (HR) systems administration, employee engagement, awards, and executive services. DHS/S&T/ASD/HCO helps match needs with funded billets and funded billets with qualified individuals.
  • DHS/S&T/ASD/Security, Preparedness and Continuity Office (SPCO) provides services, policy, and compliance support in the areas of security, emergency management, preparedness, continuity, resilience, medical countermeasures, and occupant emergency programs.
  • Office of the Associate General Counsel (AGC) provides a broad range of legal services to DHS/S&T in 3 primary areas: government contracts, program legal advice, and intellectual property. With respect to intellectual property legal support, DHS/S&T/AGC provides legal advice to DHS/S&T which is programmatically responsible for the management of government funded intellectual property and technology transfer. DHS/S&T is the primary research and development arm of DHS and manages science and technology research from development through transition for the Department’s Operational Components. In DHS Delegation 10001, the DHS Secretary vested the Under Secretary for S&T with the responsibility for ‘”capturing, transitioning, and protecting DHS’s intellectual property rights,” including patents, trademarks, or other forms of protection in which the United States owns a right, title, or interest. Accordingly, DHS/S&T is uniquely positioned to assist DHS with intellectual property services.
  • The Executive Secretariat (Exec Sec) serves as a direct link to DHS Headquarters and all other DHS Components for formal review, clearance, and transmittal of DHS products, including correspondence, testimony, questions for the record, memoranda, reports, DHS Management Directives and Instructions, and more. Exec Sec also serves as an entry point for Congress (e.g., technical drafting assistance for legislation), the White House (e.g., Statements of Administration Policy, correspondence with citizens, National Security Council requirements), and DHS General Counsel (e.g., Government-wide rules and regulations) for official DHS/S&T input. As a result, Exec Sec maintains an extensive database of documents and communications that are part of the Directorate’s official archives. Finally, along with Exec Sec’s own administrative requirements, Exec Sec also provides ad hoc support for several administrative functions of the DHS/S&T/Office of the Under Secretary, especially with data calls and records management.

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