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Department of Transportation

Federal Aviation Administration


Set Aside:

Washington, DC

Total Contract Value:

541330 - Engineering Services (Subject to Change)

Points of Contact

Elizabeth Williams

DOT – FAA: Enterprise Programs, Infrastructure, and Communications Services (EPICS) II


The objective of the EPICS II contract is to obtain contract support services that will support programs within the FAA’s Communications, Infrastructure and Network Programs (CINP) team and related programs in accomplishing their mission objectives. Personal services will be prohibited.  CINP is responsible for the implementation, management, and execution of communications infrastructure programs supporting the National Airspace System (NAS) and non-NAS systems and networks(for more information go to: Communications, Information, and Network Programs (CINP) (

CINP supports:

  • Telecommunication Infrastructure Management:
    • Alaskan Satellite Telecommunications Infrastructure (ASTI)
    • Enterprise Infrastructure Services (EIS)
    • FAA Enterprise Network Services (FENS)
    • FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI)
    • Invoice and Financial Management Services (IFMS)
    • Mission Support
    • Time Division Multiplexing to Internet Protocol (TDM-IP)
    • FAA Administrative Voice Enterprise Services (FAVES)
  • Air/Ground Voice Communications:
    • NEXCOM
    • Airport Cable Loop (ACL)
    • Communications Facilities Sustainment (CF-S)
    • Remote Communications Equipment (RCE)
  • FAA Voice Switches and Recorders:
    • Voice Communications Enterprise (VoiCE)
    • NAS Voice Recorder (PDF)
    • Voice Switching and Control System (VSCS)
    • Air-to- Ground Media Gateway (AGMG)
  • Information Management:
    • System Wide Information Management (SWIM)
    • SWIM Industry FAA Team (SWIFT)
  • Cloud Integration Services


The CINP team adheres to the programmatic and acquisition processes and policies defined by the AMS (for more details go to: and requires support services in the areas of systems engineering and acquisition lifecycle, including:

  • Program Implementation
  • In-Service Management
  • Business and Financial Management
  • Architecture Assessment
  • Development of Business Cases
  • Preparation of Joint Resources Council (JRC) Packages
  • SWIM Suitability Assessments
  • Generation of Telecommunications Cost estimates
  • Support of Integration Testing
  • Ordering and Implementation of New Telecommunication and Enterprise Messaging Services for CINP Customer Programs
  • Preparation of System Security Authorization Packages
  • Tracking of Service Utilization to Support Network Capacity Planning

The capabilities and services that may be ordered under the proposed contract(s) will include knowledge transfer of the latest technologies, methods, approaches, and products that can lead to new, innovative solutions and best practices within the organization.

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